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Corruption in the education sector in Tanzania – What can be done?

During my internship with the International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA) in September-December 2015, interning in the Programs & Activities department I learned a lot about corruption and anti-corruption efforts globally. During the first week I was invited to attend some of the tailor-made trainings on anti-corruption at the academy, and after following the research of international institutions such as the World Bank and ...

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Where are Human Rights at 67? Are things getting worse?

67 years have passed since the inception of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, when the world had enough from the horrible effects of WWI and WWII and wanted to move forward with peace and respect for human rights among nations. [i] The Amnesty International annual report for 2014/2015 shows the opposite. There are fewer wars, yet human beings suffer even more ...

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