Privacy Rights

Religious Symbols and the European Convention of Human rights

Bandung, Indonesia by Haifeez CC BY 2.0

For the last few years, wearing religious symbols has triggered a major debate across Europe. The debate, which started after the imposition of prohibitions laws on religious symbols in several European states, has become a controversial human rights issue among scholars. France, Denmark, Turkey, Germany, Switzerland and other member-states of the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) have discussed, endorsed and some ...

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Google Glass ’ impact on people’s right to privacy

google glass privacy rights

On April 2013, Google introduced its much talked about product named “Google Glass” to the United States (US). Google Glass, which was released to the world in May 2014, almost one year after its first appearance, is an eyewear technology that encapsulates all the features of a modern computer inside a pair of eyeglasses (Phoenix, 2014).as The videos “Project Glass: one Day…” ...

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