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Philippines faces Hagupit one year after Hayan

Hagupit Typhoon hits Philippines

Long processions of women and children walked along the margins of the street holding white candles, the elderly prayed in front of sacred statues in the intimacy of their flourishing gardens, fisherman put their fishing boats in safe, all of them desperately hoping for God’s mercy. In Barangay, the smallest administrative division in the Philippines, captains were gathered for a special meeting ...

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5 years after the Ampatuan massacre, impunity remains

The Ampatuan Massacre How do we achieve peace in Mindanao? It’s been five years now since the ‘Maguindanao Massacre’, also known as the #AmpatuanMassacre where 58 people were kidnapped and brutally killed in broad daylight. It was on the morning of November 23 in the year 2009, that 58 people were on their way to file a certificate of candidacy for Esmael ...

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Activists stage global protests for LGBT Rights in Egypt

LGBT Rights in Egypt

After the recent crackdown on LGBTQ Egyptians, activists urge the international community to join global protests on the 18th of October to combat the systematic, gross and widespread human rights violations against LGBTQ people in Egypt. UHRSN had the opportunity to talk to the organizers of protests, that are taking place in Canada, Germany, UK, Mexico, Spain and the US. The activists, ...

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Hong Kong’s Darkest Hours – five human rights violations in ten days

Hong Kong's Human Rights Violations

It is a truth universally acknowledged (save in mainland China perhaps) that Hong Kong’s pro-democratic protests are among the most peaceful and disciplined in history. It has been, as the BBC reported, a very ‘civil’ disobedience. It should hardly come as a surprise. The protest is officially known as ‘Occupy Central with Love and Peace’; the protesters comprise mostly well-educated students, cultured ...

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Q&A: Universal Human Rights Student Network

Questions and Answers UHRSN

What is the Universal Human Rights Student Network? The Universal Human Rights Student Network is a student-led umbrella organization which seeks to amplify the voices of the next human rights student generation. The initial content we provide are several papers of students from the Vienna Human Rights Master, the E.MA Master Venice and two master thesis, one of the M.A. in Human ...

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Torture: The total Annihilation of the Self

Torture Fort Breendok

Améry’s Essay Die Tortur, first published in 1966 as part of the book “Jenseits von Schuld und Sühne: Überwältigungsversuche eines Überwältigten”1 [Beyond guilt and atonement: attempts to overcome by one who is overwhelmed], describes his direful experiences at the SS-Camp Fort Breendonk and the resulting everlasting trauma. The Essay, which can be attributed to the autobiographical genre of survivor memoirs, adds to ...

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