Waiting for Justice: the murder of David Olyn and LGBTI rights in South Africa

I completed an internship with Sonke Gender Justice in Cape Town, South Africa, as a requirement of the Vienna University Human Rights MA program. During the internship I had the opportunity to be part of one of Sonke’s community mobilization teams, which aim to promote awareness of gender-based violence through organising training workshops, protest marches and rallies. They also follow specific cases, ...

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Activists stage global protests for LGBT Rights in Egypt

LGBT Rights in Egypt

After the recent crackdown on LGBTQ Egyptians, activists urge the international community to join global protests on the 18th of October to combat the systematic, gross and widespread human rights violations against LGBTQ people in Egypt. UHRSN had the opportunity to talk to the organizers of protests, that are taking place in Canada, Germany, UK, Mexico, Spain and the US. The activists, ...

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