Corruption in the education sector in Tanzania – What can be done?

During my internship with the International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA) in September-December 2015, interning in the Programs & Activities department I learned a lot about corruption and anti-corruption efforts globally. During the first week I was invited to attend some of the tailor-made trainings on anti-corruption at the academy, and after following the research of international institutions such as the World Bank and ...

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Religious Symbols and the European Convention of Human rights

Bandung, Indonesia by Haifeez CC BY 2.0

For the last few years, wearing religious symbols has triggered a major debate across Europe. The debate, which started after the imposition of prohibitions laws on religious symbols in several European states, has become a controversial human rights issue among scholars. France, Denmark, Turkey, Germany, Switzerland and other member-states of the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) have discussed, endorsed and some ...

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Promoting human rights and peace education in Thailand

Thailand has played a vital role in promoting human rights and peace education at both the national and regional level. The country has developed, strengthened, and expanded human rights education as a result of national, regional, and global influences. [1] Among the major influences include widespread human rights violations committed throughout the country; an increasing demand for educated/trained human rights experts and ...

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