Call to Action: #LangkahSiswa

Malaysia Youth & Student Democratic Movement DEMA

PRESS STATEMENT – Date: 21.8.2015 The Malaysian Youth and Students’ Democratic Movement (DEMA) together with Gerakan Mahasiswa Selamatkan Negara and several other student organisations, jointly call upon all the youth and students in this country to participate in a series of non-violent direct actions (NVDA) named as #LangkahSiswa to uphold the idea of democracy and to pursue for a government accountable to the ...

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UHRSN protest: Drop charges against 14 Thai student activists!

A group of international student activists joined a UHRSN protest in front of the Thai embassy in Vienna to demand the immediate and unconditional drop of all charges against the fourteen students in Thailand. The 14 Thai student activists who were arrested on the 26th June were imprisoned for peacefully expressing their opposition to military rule and were brought before a Military ...

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Statement From Thai Students in Europe who are against the coup d’état in Thailand

Statement “For our friends” From Thai Students in Europe who are against the coup d’état Since the 22nd May 2014 coup d’état, student groups are undeniably one of the leaders in protesting against the coup. They are from various universities, academic disciplines, regions and backgrounds. They may have numerous different political stances, but they come together under one ideal – coups d’etat ...

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