Robert Fellner

Robert studied Literature and Linguistics in Graz, Vienna and London. He was lecturer for German Literature, Language and Scientific Methods between 2010 and 2012 at the Alsun-Faculty of the Ain Shams-University in Cairo. Currently he studies Human Rights in Vienna and interns in the StopTorture-Campaign of Amnesty International and at the European Training and Research Centre for Human Rights in Graz.

Torture: The total Annihilation of the Self

Torture Fort Breendok

Améry’s Essay Die Tortur, first published in 1966 as part of the book “Jenseits von Schuld und Sühne: Überwältigungsversuche eines Überwältigten”1 [Beyond guilt and atonement: attempts to overcome by one who is overwhelmed], describes his direful experiences at the SS-Camp Fort Breendonk and the resulting everlasting trauma. The Essay, which can be attributed to the autobiographical genre of survivor memoirs, adds to ...

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