Muriel Trummer

Muriel Trummer worked for several years as lawyer representing asylum seekers and migrants throughout their administrative procedures on behalf of a relief organization in Switzerland. Afterwards she worked in a specialised refugee organization having a focus on international developments and legal research on current legal and policy issues in the field of refugee and migration law. Currently Muriel is studying human rights at the University of Vienna and conducts an internship with the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights in Strasbourg. Muriel speaks four languages fluently.

Regular Entry Procedures to Europe for Persons in Need of International Protection and the Willingness of European States to Prevent Deaths in the Mediterranean

Regular entry procedures

Introduction The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) estimated that 51.2 million individuals worldwide were forced to leave their homes because of war, persecution, generalized violence and human rights violations by the end of 2013.1 This was the biggest flight movement since World War II.2 Out of them, 33.3 million were internally displaced persons, 16.7 million were refugees and 1.2 million asylum ...

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