Courtney Malcom

Courtney studied anthropology at Washington State University in the USA. She graduated with a master’s degree in evolutionary anthropology in May 2014, after studying maternal and infant behavior and health in the Central African Republic. She now resides in southern Ethiopia, where she is collaborating with local development workers to establish an NGO with the mission promote access to healthcare services for vulnerable individuals.

The Plight of Economic Migrants to Europe: A Far Cry from Benefits Tourism

Refugees or Migrants?

As the EU continues to grapple the logistical aspects of the so-termed ‘European Migrant Crisis,’ a new discussion has arisen about the distinction between migrants and refugees and how each should be treated. Misunderstanding in both public opinion and political policy regarding the differences has dire consequences for the most vulnerable stakeholders — the migrants. Refugees or Migrants? Definitions vary, but according ...

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20 Years After Rwanda Genocide, a Humanitarian Crisis in the Central African Republic Fails to Stir International Interest

Central African Republic: Torn Apart by Violence by UNHCR Photo Unit

After the mass genocide that killed 800,000 people in Rwanda 20 years ago, the international community vowed ‘never again.’ But today, history seems to be repeating itself. Another central African country faces a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions, yet few know about it and even fewer are doing anything to help. Former Colony, Forgotten Nation The Central African Republic (CAR) is a ...

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