Caroline Schupfer

Caroline Schupfer is a Law with French graduate from the University of Sheffield. She is a member of the Human Rights Committee at the Montréal Holocaust Memorial Centre and a volunteer at Projets Autochtones du Québec, a non-profit organisation which provides social and professional development services to aboriginal communities. Her research interests centre around transitional justice, green criminology and the protection of vulnerable groups.

An accessory to felony – Uber in India

(c) Caroline Schupfer

Amid streets littered with potential dangers, along with a patchy police protection framework – taking a cab home at night is a public necessity for women in India. Stripped of voice, they routinely suffer violence and multiple human rights violations. From forced prostitution and trafficking to eve-teasing and dowry extortion; being a woman in India can be gruelling. Products of poor education ...

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Hungary’s hope-crushing border fence and the right to seek asylum

Syrian refugees in Istanbul, two weeks after the 2013 chemical attack in the Damascus suburbs. Photo: by Freddie Trimble

The conflict in Syria began over four years ago and has since grown into a deadly proxy war which has ignited large regional hostilities, killing more than 300,000 people. The exacerbating humanitarian situation, coupled with international inaction, has led to an epidemic of despair. Concurrently, the conditions in the countries neighbouring Syria are deteriorating due to funding shortfalls as the number of ...

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