• Peaceful protest is a human right

    Courageous students demand that all charges against the 14 thai students should be dropped!

  • To release them is only the first step!

    UHRSN Officer, Ashura Kayupayupa, reads a student manifest from the Thai students in Europe!

  • A Thai student protester

    Free the 14 Thai students and drop the charges against them!

  • A Letter from a teacher to a student

    Robert reads the story how Lukkate became a political activist

  • Showing solidarity!

    Students draft their messages to hand them over to the Thai embassy.

  • Our voice is heard!

    Employees of the embassy took pictures and filmed the entire demonstration.

  • Peaceful Protest

    ...is not a crime!

  • Students NOT criminals!

    We demand the drop of all charges against the 14 Thai students!

  • No Military Trials for Civilians!

    Peaceful protesters should never be tried in front of a military court.

  • Students not Criminals!

    UHRSN Officer, Ashura Kayupayupa, places a post-it on the Wall of Democracy.

  • Drop all charges against 14 students!

    Robert Fellner, outlines the core demands of UHRSN to Head of Chancery / Head of UN Section Mr. Bolongse Vangphaen.

  • Handing over 'Wall of Democracy'

    Head of UHRSN, Robert Fellner, handed over the 'Wall of Democracy' to Head of Chancery / Head of UN Section Mr. Bolongse Vangphaen.

UHRSN protest: Drop charges against 14 Thai student activists!

A group of international student activists joined a UHRSN protest in front of the Thai embassy in Vienna to demand the immediate and unconditional drop of all charges against the fourteen students in Thailand.

The 14 Thai student activists who were arrested on the 26th June were imprisoned for peacefully expressing their opposition to military rule and were brought before a Military court on the 7th July 2015. They were released pending trial in front of the military court which could get them up to seven years in prison.

The gathering started with reading a letter from a teacher to a student,  a story on how one of the student activists in Thailand was emancipated through her grandparent’s history.

Afterwards the protesters chanted “Drop all charges!” and “Set the students free, democracy is key!”.

UHRSN Officer, Ashura Kayupayupa, read from the student manifest  “Statement ‘For our friends’ From Thai Students in Europe who are aigainst the coup d’état.” The demonstrators send a strong signal of international solidarity by creating a wall of democracy with encouraging messages to the students in Thailand, once more reiterating their call on the thai regime to respect basic human rights.

At the end of the demonstration Head of UHRSN, Robert Fellner, presented the key demands of the demonstrators to the Head of Chancery / Head of UN Section Mr. Bolongse Vangphaen and  handed over the ‘wall of democracy’ where protesters wrote messages for their fellow students in Thailand but also for the Thai government calling for the dropping of the charges against the 14 Thai student activists.

This is just a beginning said Mr. Fellner “we will continue our protest until all charges against the students have been dropped.”

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